Lenin, Murdoch and ‘freedom of the press’

As news is out that Murdoch has let it be known that a ‘regime change’ is needed in Australia (that is, to Tony Abbott and his bunch of rabid conservatives), and as the 70% of media he owns in Australia slavishly follows his every whim, I could not help thinking of Lenin’s comments concerning freedom of the press: it is merely the ‘freedom’ of one or two billionnaire media moguls to express their opinions. Time for some good old ‘re-education’ of the Murdoch press?


2 thoughts on “Lenin, Murdoch and ‘freedom of the press’

  1. I agree with one exception: re-education camps are reserved for those who can actually be re-educated. You are still too kind with your Calvinist and Leninist ethics. I propose that Murdoch and the writers of that toilet paper Daily Telegraph will be sent straight to the gulag in a good Stalinist fashion.

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