How to respond to your salary increase

To: Vladimir Dmitriyevich Bonch-Bruyevich,
Office Manager, Council of People’s Commissars

In view of your failure to fulfil my insistent request to point out to me the justification for raising my salary as from March 1, 1918, from 500 to 800 rubles a month, and in view of the obvious illegality of this increase, carried out by you arbitrarily by agreement with the secretary of the Council, Nikolai Petrovich Gorbunov, and in direct infringement of the decree of the Council of People’s Commissars of November 23, 1917, I give you a severe reprimand!

Lenin, Collected Works, vol. 35, p. 333

6 thoughts on “How to respond to your salary increase

  1. Well, you have to “like” Lenin’s style. Wonderful comment. I recall a certain blogger making similar comments to universities about potential salaries being too high

  2. Just a further thought: I wonder what he would say about being caught in the mortgage trap in Australia – one thing that fuels the pursuit of ever higher wages for some. I managed to avoid the “home ownership” thing for over twenty years and gave in last year when our owner chucked us out. But it’s a stupid system for housing.

    1. Maybe something along the line that the thought of one species actually claiming that individuals of that species can ‘own’ a piece of earth and put a dwelling on it, or even more mind-bogglingly, ‘own’ a slice of air in an apartment clock, would have to be one of the greatest scams ever.

  3. I think that the salary of Bolshevik officials was equated, or something like that, to the wage of a skilled worker, in accordance with the precedent set by one of the Paris Commune statutes.

    Furthermore, stories related by foreign observers concerning the austerity of the living standard of members of the Bolshevik government during the Lenin-years abound.

    Anyway, a comparison with “the modest means of subsistence” of the bourgeois representatives of the “people’s will” would be more than instructive (and puke-causing).

    1. And the argument that ‘our’ politicians are making a sacrifice for the greater good – since they could earn much more in the corporate sector – makes one ponder ‘re-education’ programs.

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