How to contact Terry Eagleton

Should you (as Deane Galbraith did recently) wish to contact Tezza himself – now at the University of Lancaster – then you will eventually stumble on this page, where the following appears:

PLEASE NOTE: Terry Eagleton does not use email. If you wish to contact him please write to him at his departmental address: Professor Terry Eagleton, Department of English & Creative Writing, County College, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YD, UK.

However, being an inventive sort of chap and being too polite to contact Eagleton’s (fifth) wife, Deane chatted with his good friend, who suggested the following approach:

Creative writing? That’s pushing it a little, Tezza …


19 thoughts on “How to contact Terry Eagleton

      1. Why, a Marxist Christian scared of the 21st century? Comrade Professor, I fear you are making sport of me.

    1. Not a few English people have found that NZ (or at least the parts without too many Maoris) embody the myth of ‘merrie olde England’ that has now been trashed by all those dreadful foreigners – which in its own way might be called the revenge of the empire. So Eagz may well be tempted …

      1. Sounds more like St Milbank’s thing – a respite from modernity, ‘irresponsible’ multiculturalism, and those insufferable 20 degree summer days.

  1. Hello Prof. T. Eagleton,
    I am a participant in the Jordanian philosophical Association and the socialist forum. I will give a lecture about your book ” The Illusion of Postmodernism”.
    I have a weak and unclear Arabic translation for your book.Is it possible that you send me a broadened idea regarding it in English?
    Your language seems a bit obscure to me and I will be thankful if you you can use a more common language.
    Thanks very much in advance
    Ahmad Otoum
    Amman – Jordan

  2. dear sir,
    its rabia here i am from national language is urdu.i read your famous book literery theory.i have awarded my m.phil degree on the translation of this book.its my honour to translate it in my national i want to present it to you.please sent your email address so that i could post my findings.regards email address is

  3. Dear Professor Eagleton,

    I’m Maryam Dadkhah and I’m studying theatre studies in University of Tehran, Iran. My thesis title is “Textual unconscious and ideology in dramatic literature”. I’m studying Iranian plays which were written before Islamic revolution, in 50’s and 60’s and for this study I’m using Jameson’s Political Unconscious and Althusser’s theories about “Ideology”, and of course, your books. I’m writing this email in order to make a request: would it be possible for me to meet you and talk with you about my thesis, some time in September?
    If the answer is a yes, then it would be a huge honor for me to meet you in person and discuss my thesis with you.

    Sincerely yours,

    Maryam Dadkhah

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