Red Tories run out of cash

Over in the UK, Res Publica, the bastion of Red Toryism, source of the ‘big society’, home of the self-styled ‘philosopher-king’ Philip Blond, has run out of cash. Staff are being locked out due to unpaid rents, paychecks are empty … Looks like David Cameron’s cuts are coming home.

Where are those bloody elves and their bags of gold when the worthy folk of merrie England need them?

(ht aps)



7 thoughts on “Red Tories run out of cash

  1. Always refreshing when trash crisis is followed by cash crisis. I hope that particular dialectic will assume greater potency in the near future.

  2. Elves & bags of gold. Maybe you meant leprechauns and their pot of gold -but then that would be Ireland whose working class is also “sharing the pain” of austerity. Ain’t capitalism grand.

      1. Thanks for the link, I was wondering where my instinctive aversion to Tolkien may have been coming from. I guess, in a way, L. Ron Hubbard may have picked up the baton: basing a “Religion” on some turgid science fiction.

        On a sillier note and a re-doing of Katy Perry. I hope more of this is going on in the dorm rooms of America: I Read Some Marx (And I Liked It)

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