I have just finished the first Historical Materialism event in Australia, a one-day ‘Capital vs Capitalism‘ conference. Held in the head offices of that good left-wing union, the Fire Brigades Employees union Building (lots of natural red), the high point for me was when one of the organisers said: ‘Would everyone going to the Marxism and Theology session please put your hands up’. Not ‘Marxism and religion’, which is safe enough, but ‘Marxism and theology’ – in the midst of a bunch of hard-line communists.

But then I have ceased to be surprised at how many came to the session – the room was overflowing, the discussion lively. Much more interest than at any religion/theology/Bible conference … Except that now we will repeat the session at the Australian Association for the Study of Religions conference.

Now for next year, and a full Historical Materialism conference in 2013.