Lenin for today: maximum-sized dwellings

Now, why don’t we see worthwhile policies like this today?

The term rich flat applies to any flat in which the number of rooms equals or exceeds the number of permanent occupants (Collected Works, vol. 42, p. 36).

Of course they had to be redistributed so that there was no more than one room per person – a generous allocation. And then, once the flats were redistributed:

The local sanitary departments (+labour commissariat) should be made to punish, without trial, by arrest up to 1 month and compulsory labour up to 2 months for uncleanliness, etc. (Collected Works, vol, 42, p. 192).


4 thoughts on “Lenin for today: maximum-sized dwellings

  1. I’m immaculately tidy and fanatically clean. So that’s all right. My last flat was perfect – I lived in a one room bedsit with a sink bench, stove top, sofabed, desk and books lining the walls. Except I did have a room with a shower loo and basin. I kept a washing machine in there… Legally of course it was illegal (at least in NZ) as you’re supposed to have two doors between loo and eating area. And in a way I had alot more rooms which I possibly spent more of my time in … a verandah where I often slept and a hilly huge garden with fruit dripping off the trees and vegies vomiting out of the earth and the beach down the road and the bush up the hill…… WHANGAREI I want to come home – or at least I want a home and Whangarei is tropical, bushclad mountainess and beachful.

    1. Reminds of that great French story in which toilets are gathered around the dining table and people sit there, freely crapping and pissing while chatting about all manner of things. And then one guest leans over to the host and whispers, ‘where is, you know, the “room”‘. The host points through a door, the person in question pulls up his or her pants, and goes into the next room to eat.

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