Received my copy of Arena Magazine today, where I found, in my regular column, a travel story on Herrnhut, deep in the south-east of Germany. Title: ‘In Zinzendorf Territory: Deep in the Snow and Christian Communism in Herrnhut’ (a pre-print may be found here). Anyway, someone with more than a passing artistic skill penned this illustration straight out of the story:

Arena is definitely worth a subscription – an independent left voice in the land of Oz.

As for me, I am off to the annual conference of the Australian Association for the Study of Religions in Tweed Heads. Haven’t been for more than a decade, but we’ll be doing our ‘Marxism and Religion’ panel again there. To get home, I will ride – a mere 700 kms. Click to enlarge to see the full route:

Given my propensity to find remote spots to pitch a tent for the night, the posts won’t be as regular for a week or two.