If it’s good enough for Lenin … Bible and Critical Theory Seminar Call for Papers

As my reading of Lenin’s Collected Works draws to a close, I have discovered a forerunner to the Bible and Critical Theory Seminar’s practice of meeting in pubs. In a letter from 1914 (to I.E. Herman and I.Rudis-Gipslis), Lenin writes:

Make an appointment for us to meet, giving the hour (7-8-8½ p.m.) and the pub near Friedrichstrassen. I shall wire you the day of my departure and we shall meet at the pub (Collected Works, vol. 43, p. 373).

If it’s good enough for Lenin’s, it’s good enough for the BCT. So here is the call for papers.

The Bible and Critical Theory Seminar will meet for its 14th year at the Boundary Hotel in Brisbane on the weekend of 5-6 November, 2011.

The seminar typically deals with papers at the intersections between biblical criticism and critical theory, which we understand in the broad sense to include poststructuralism, cultural analysis, feminism, marxism, ideological analysis, queer theory, postcolonialism, empire studies, and so on. However, we are also open to papers that deal with these areas and religion more generally. Up to 30 of us gather in a pub for a weekend somewhere in Australia or New Zealand, partake of papers, what the bar has to offer, explore plans, ideas, new directions. The seminar has become an internationally recognised hub of innovative research in Australia and beyond, with regular visitors from overseas.

Where: Boundary Hotel, Boundary Street, West End, Brisbane
When: Saturday-Sunday, 5-6 November 2011
Cost: $30 waged; $15 underwaged or unwaged


Somewhere to Stay is a backpacker close to the pub, with beds starting at $19 per night.

The YHA is little further away, but not too far.

And if you seek have become accustomed to hotels, plenty of information is available here.

Please send paper proposals to:

Michael Carden: carden.michael@gmail.com

Julie Kelso: jkelso@bond.edu.au

Edgar Conrad: e.conrad@uq.edu.au


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