Spicy Reformed theology

Is Reformed theology spicy?

Given that one of the Romanian words for ‘spicy’ is ‘diabolic’ – as I found with the diabolical pasta I ate on my last night there;

Given that the main source of such spicy food is the sizable Hungarian (Magyar) population in Transylvania;

Given that the religion of these Magyars is Reformed (Calvinist) Christianity;

One can only conclude that Reformed theology is indeed diabolically spicy.


3 thoughts on “Spicy Reformed theology

  1. I have to correct you here, but the Romanian word for “spicy” (iute; piperat) isn’t the same as for “diabolical” (dracesc; diabolic; diavolesc). So, given the faulty premises…
    Anyways, very good and fun blog.

    1. It all came from a comment during a meal in Baia Mare, where I ordered ‘diabolical pasta’ and one of my companions laughed and said it meant ‘spicy pasta’. I checked and found the connection a little looser than that, but hey, Heidegger was heavily into ‘creative’ etymologies …

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