It’s nine years since the BCT Seminar went to Brisbane, so on a mild but humid weekend we finally did it again. The pub was the Boundary Hotel, which began serving drinks from the moment each day’s proceedings began (at 10am). Within an hour a few beers had already appeared – somewhat miraculously – in the hands of those attending. And we had a BCT first, for the seminar was conducted around a covered pool table.

We listened with wrapt attention to each paper …

…while rock music came through from one window, the sports TV was running above us and the first patrons of the pub came to kick off their day with a few drinks. Papers ranged from a proposal for biblical colonoscopy and homelessness on the theme of ‘Jesus the Bum’, through an exploration of early Christian councils as the source of ideas that led to the Russian soviets, along with the Roman army as a total insitution, to a detailed exploration of the film, ‘A Serious Man?’ (apologies to all those not mentioned, including me).

Present was one of the two founders of the seminar, Ed Conrad, gave his gleeful approval of the whole business:

Saturday night’s discussion (with the assistance of perhaps a couple of drinks) went on to the early hours, so a few of us were a little, um, less than sparkly on the morn.

Next year: Robert Myles and Caroline Blyth offered Auckland for a weekend in August. It’s an onerous task to organise a seminar, especially since you need to check out all the pubs beforehand. Our thoughts are with Caroline and Robert as they set out on this grueling preparation.