‘Regimes’ and ‘state-run’ media

Ever notice the way the word ‘regime’ is used to describe places such as China or the USSR or North Korea or Burma? Obviously it carries a whiff of illegitimacy and authoritarianism and other less desirable traits. And media outlets such as Xinhua are called ‘state-run’. But when the president of the United States visits Australia, it is the meeting between two heads of ‘government’ – far more legitimate, obviously. And when the Australian Broadcasting Commission reports on the event, it is simply called the ABC.

Instead we should speak of the ‘US regime’ or ‘Australian regime’. And whenever the BBC, or ABC or DR (Danmarks Radio) etc is mentioned, it should always be pointed out that they are ‘state-run’ media outlets. And of course in China or the USSR or North Korea, it should always be the ‘government’.