The bearded man behind Berlusconi Youth gave me yet another very thoughtful gift at the annual big show for religious weirdos scholars:

Of course, the question arose: how do I reciprocate in this gift economy in an appropriate manner? The moment came as I passed one of those booths at the book display that always elicite the greatest admiration: a stall, set up to sell one book, written by some crackpot serious scholar. To draw the crowds, they had set up a spinning dart-board with an electronic dart – as you do – which would possibly land you a prize.  I was mesmerised, hurled the dart, barely missing the smiling disciple … and landed:

This is of course the title of aforesaid breakthrough in scholarship. But why is this appropriate for BY? Look up at the collar, for there you will find:

Now, ‘Korea’, as we all know, is a code for North Korea, the home of BY’s hero, Kim Yong Il – whose real name is actually Yuri Irsenovich Kim.