In the process of collecting notes for a travel story on Germany, I can’t help noticing the fascination with and ubiquity of sausages. Walk the streets and they are masticating all manner of Würste, short, long, thick, thin, dark, light, you name it, they eat it.

With more observation, this curious phenomenon is beginning to become a little more complex …

… especially if one takes into account the fact that sausages are traditionally made from the large and small intestines. So what they are really doing is perpetually consuming all manner of ‘processed’ food.

Now, another feature of German life is the famous shelf toilet, where one can do one’s thing and then have it before you in all its steaming glory.

It’s not so much a philosphical issue, but one that shows a desire to take it up and ‘recycle’ it in creative ways. Hence the sausages. Even more, these toilets come with instructions for use, indicating a more complex fascination:

Haven’t quite managed to get to the bottom of this, so my field work continues.