Lenin: a revolution is a miracle

As I begin my central treatment of miracle in Lenin and Theology, I have a wealth of juicy texts from which to draw, such as this one:

In certain respects, a revolution is a miracle. If we had been told in 1917 that we would hold out in three years of war against the whole world, that, as a result of the war, two million Russian landowners, capitalists and their children would find themselves abroad, and that we would turn out to be the victors, no one of us would have believed it. A miracle took place because the workers and peasants rose against the attack of the landowners and capitalists in such force that even powerful capitalism was in danger …  The defence of the workers’ and peasants’ power was achieved by a miracle, not a divine miracle – it was not something that fell from the skies – but a miracle in the sense that, no matter how oppressed, humiliated, ruined and exhausted the workers and peasants were, precisely because the revolution went along with the workers, it mustered very much more strength than any rich, enlightened and advanced state could have mustered (Collected Works, vol. 32, pp. 153-4, 1921).


4 thoughts on “Lenin: a revolution is a miracle

  1. Ηι
    I am Ioannis (john) Pagiaslis from Athens Greece.

    Concidentally I have established a blog in Greek Language under the title “Left and Political Theology” few months ago

    There I have posted some relevant ideas , translations, etc about Badiou, Negri.Zizek etc which previously have been published in my main blog LLS (see below PS)

    Then I found you in the preface of Negri’s The Job of Job

    I am not an academic or researcher but an amater reader, it was a relief to see that my topic is not so unique.IIndeed you coverin a systematic way more of my questions and topics

    Therefore occassionaly i post many of your publications , always referring to your name and origin

    Herewith the blog

    Bye and keep your insipiring jopb!!



    I am keeping two other blogs:
    Left Liberal Synthesis (uncovered familiarities between genuine liberals and radical lefts)
    Badioumathematics( badiou as a mathematician)

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