Stalin Baroque: A guide for the Stalin Prize

Given that Sergey K and I comprise the judging panel for the Stalin Prize (new series), I thought I would offer some guidelines for the architecture section. You see, one of the advantages of being in East Berlin is that you are smack-bang in the middle of the some of best examples.

All you need do is head down to Karl Marx Allee, described by Aldo Rossi as ‘Europe’s last great street’:

And there is whole bloody boulevard (sorry allee, although boulevard derives the Dutch, bolwerk) of the stuff:

(OK, I didn’t take that shot, but I took the rest)

It’s suitably monumental, as with the Frankfurter Tor:

It also needs to be both solid and eternal:

With a suitably worn feel:

And careful attention to detail:

Above all, it needs the finger from none other than …

… Charlie M.

As an afterthought, a few examples of the kind of sculpture that would also win the prize:


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