Lenin, quick and gravelly-voiced

As they used to say in the Apostles’ Creed, ‘the quick and the dead’ … Most people know the dead Lenin in the mausoleum, but a ‘quick’ Lenin is not so well known, at least outside the former USSR. So, first of all, a live Lenin:

In the communist government, the technology of recording speeches onto records was also used, although Lenin was a little put out by the new-fangled technology (March 1919):

The result, however, is that we also have his voice, often gravelly and roughened up with the wear and tear of public speaking without amplification:

One before Red Army troops:

Another on anti-Semitism:

On saving working people:

To the water-transport workers:

On labour discipline (watch for the mention of miracles):

In memory of Sverdlov:

And one to give you a few prickles, the declaration of RSFRS (later USSR, but we’ll forgive the subtitle):


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