One sign of the instability of a hegemonic position is the need to keep reasserting it, such as ‘eternal capitalism’ in the face of its latest crisis. Since it expresses the core of human nature – self-interest, greed, the desire to acquire – it has and will always be with us. So Michael Onfray:

Is this the end of capitalism? Absolutely not. The key feature of capitalism is that it’s malleable. It has been through antiquity, feudalism, the industrial era, it has worn the guise of fascism and now it’s wedding itself to the ecology cause. After this latest event, it will take on a new form. It is indestructible and works like the Hydra of Lerne, cut off one head and another grows in its place. Is this the end of society’s obsession with money and credit? Not at all.

A nice concealment of the historical emergence of that specific mode of production known as capitalism.