Quote of the day: on Shane Warne

Some may have been following the brouhaha after Shane Warne – erstwhile cricketing great, frenetic twitterer and lately seducer of Liz Hurley – tried to run down a cyclist. Writes Bridie O’Donnell, a cycling champ:

Of course, if more than half a million people follow you on Twitter, it’s because they like you, admire you or are enthralled to hear what whimsical and acerbic sound-bytes emanate from your intriguing mind … It’s important to remember that while Warne made a career out of being a spin bowler, he was just as famous for his sledging, his hair, his recidivist womanising and poor nutritional choices. He can be proud of his contribution to cricket’s image as a sport of overweight, overpaid blokes who drink a lot.



3 thoughts on “Quote of the day: on Shane Warne

  1. No fan of Warne (he wreaked havoc on my team), but a couple of points:

    I’ve read reports that it was Liz Hurley who made the first move…. (but then who knows).

    Also some reports indicate that the cyclist hung on to Warne’s Ferrari for a free ride, and of course the fat turd was not going to accept this with a cheery wave.

    1. I’m less interested in the vacuous Hurley than in the equally vacuous Warne’s desperate effort to give his account first. As the cyclist was walking to the police station to report, Warne desperately started tweeting, saying the cyclist has hung on for a ride and then thumped his car as he went past. The cyclist then became pissed off and gave his account: he has been behind Warne with another rider or two and had ridden up beside Warne’s car at a red light. The fat turd began swearing and yelling at the cyclist and then, as the lights changed, accidentally bumped the cyclist, who lost his balance and righted himself by putting a hand on the poor fat boy’s bonnet. Warne then deliberately aimed at the cyclist, knocked him down, ruined his rear wheel and then drove off. And then the driver behind fatboy verified the cyclist’s account. At which point Warne then backed down and tweeted that he did not wish to get into a 5-year old fight (a moment of rare clarity in self-perception) and that they should move on.

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