Quotation of the day: Lunacharsky

Our day is practical, militant, technological. We even hear voices from among our young people to the effect that we do not need passion, pathos, or enthusiasm, that we do not need far-reaching and at the same time delicate sympathy with our fellow-man, that we do not need ardent personal friendship or fine-tuned love (yet both Lenin and Engels, incidentally, called for love to be more finely tuned). These voices are harmful, this is a damaging deviation, this is a dessication of man’s consciousness, automatisation of man, bringing him closer to the machine, this is Fordism, not Marxism, it is the ideal of the USA, not of the USSR.

Anatoly Lunacharsky, On Education, 1981, p. 203


2 thoughts on “Quotation of the day: Lunacharsky

  1. Yes! I was so sick of Reaganite Cold War Hollywood movies showing the Soviet enemy as cold and heartless, basically the stereotype of the former Nazi enemy repurposed–totalitarianism!

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