Some of the most pleasurable things in life

I’m guessing that some may have personal foibles, but the following have universal validity as among the most pleasurable things in life:

1. Massaging my inner ear with a bent paper clip.

2. Wearing a night shirt.

3. Wearing longjohns in winter.

4. A foot massage.

5. A head massage.

6. Tiling.

7. Aiming the moveable shower rose in the direction of the other circular muscle on my body.

8. Washing in a dribble of freezing water on the Trans-Siberian in winter.

9. Using a squat toilet on a rocking, speeding train.


14 thoughts on “Some of the most pleasurable things in life

    1. And how many times have you accused me of drunkenness and rightist hooliganism in response to reasonable criticisms such as relying too heavily on Lenin’s writings on the NEP to understand the complexities of East Asian political economy in the 21st century, sir? How many times, sir, how many times?

    2. The Cold War is obviously alive and well – ‘the dark inner workings of the Soviet Union’. Can’t help wondering what would be revealed if the classified archives of, say, the USA, were made openly available. For instance, what would be found in Reagan’s brain?. Probably nothing.

    3. Unfortunately unless it’s hidden in Area 51, Reagan’s brain went the way of the worms. Lincoln’s is at the NIH. Not that size is all that counts, but its weight was “not above the ordinary”. JFK’s was there too until it mysteriously went missing. Perhaps, like the Soviets with Lenin, the yanks couldn’t let their royalty’s scandalous normality be made known.

    4. I’m sure that not one government minister in the history of the USA would be acknowledged as the most intelligent and educated minister in the world at the time – as was Anatoly Lunacharsky, the first Commissar for Enlightenment is what was then the RSFSR

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