Inter-library loans: a communist plot?

One of the first acts of the Bolsheviks after the successful Russian Revolution was based on the principle that ‘it takes knowledge to participate in the revolution with intelligence, purpose and success’. In that light:

(1) The public library (the former Imperial Library) must immediately start an exchange of books with all public and state libraries in Petrograd and the provinces and with foreign libraries (in Finland, Sweden, etc.).

(2) The forwarding of books from one library to another must be made post-free by law.

(3) The library’s reading-room must be open, as is the practice with private libraries and reading-rooms for the rich in civilised countries,

from 8.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. daily, not excluding Sundays and holidays.

Lenin, Collected Works, volume 26, p. 352.


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