Is it really possible? How much communism can you really find on a bicycle in eastern Europe? To begin with, find a Marxist bicycle route:

Plenty of signs will help you on your way:

As you peddle through quiet fields on the first real day of spring:

Communist era garages – of a solid, eternal aesthetic  from a simple design – will greet you as you pass:

Every village has street names that really should be found throughout the world:

Even those with a Christian communist leaning:

Juxtaposed with the other standard, such as ‘Lower village street’:

And given that communism keeps and raises to a new level the best of the past, simple hotels in the Czech Republic still use those glorious old keys:

And if you look carefully, even simple items such as taps are strong, functional and made to last:

Add all this to some frisky spring weather when the sap is rising and you couldn’t have it much better than that:

All of which leads one to take regular breaks … to enjoy the spring air: