A Marxist bicycle tour

Is it really possible? How much communism can you really find on a bicycle in eastern Europe? To begin with, find a Marxist bicycle route:

Plenty of signs will help you on your way:

As you peddle through quiet fields on the first real day of spring:

Communist era garages – of a solid, eternal aesthetic  from a simple design – will greet you as you pass:

Every village has street names that really should be found throughout the world:

Even those with a Christian communist leaning:

Juxtaposed with the other standard, such as ‘Lower village street’:

And given that communism keeps and raises to a new level the best of the past, simple hotels in the Czech Republic still use those glorious old keys:

And if you look carefully, even simple items such as taps are strong, functional and made to last:

Add all this to some frisky spring weather when the sap is rising and you couldn’t have it much better than that:

All of which leads one to take regular breaks … to enjoy the spring air:


6 thoughts on “A Marxist bicycle tour

  1. Pingback: Berlusconi Youth
    1. Knew you’d fall for that one. I have it on excellent authority and much experience of communist plumbing that these beautifully functional and practical taps were produced during communist times – they all follow the same model, unlike that useless capitalist crap.

      1. Nice try, Mr Berlusconi ‘Put Down’ Youth. But unfortunately no, that highly reliable source did not confirm such an empirical fact. Nor did a scientific sociologist. It comes from a pipe-smoking peasant in Romania, an out-of-work engineer in Bulgaria (since western companies closed down the factories), an old warrior in Serbia, a sailor in Croatia, a Russian soldier on the Trans-Siberian, a railway worker in the Ukraine, a barmaid in the Czech Republic, a cigarette smuggler in Poland, a station attendant in Moldova, a grog handler in Belarus …

  2. You’re right. It was a put down. It was hurtful and mean. And to what end? To defend the honor of plumbing in the impoverished NATO plantation of the west?

    I have sunk to the level of the Pastor-of-Gangsterism Joachim Gauck with his anti-social lies. Or worse, Comrade Deane with his cynicism and clopfic disorder.

    I will be traveling to Chile now. I shall be searching out Margot Honecker so that she may re-educate me, in the spirit of Torgau, in person.

    1. Here’s to the honour of plumbing. But that’s where it all comes to the crunch. One may determine the socio-political nature of a situation by a careful examination bathrooms and toilets. As Adorno put it for the middle class: the secret domain of faeces has become the brightest room in the house.

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