How to deal with rich train travellers

I particularly approve of and welcome the arrest of the millionaire saboteurs in the first– and second-class railway carriage.

Lenin, Collected Works, volume 36, p. 466.

To explain: Soon after the October Revolution an 8-hour working day was instituted. As part of the general effort to sabotage the revolution – by teachers, doctors, civil servants refusing to work and big business putting up as many obstacles as possible – Kharkov capitalists stopped paying wages on time. In response to an appeal from the workers, V. A. Antonov-Ovseyenko arrested fifteen of the bosses, put them in a railway car and told them that if they did not cough up a million rubles in cash to pay the workers, they would be sent to the mines. This had the desired effect. If know a few miner billionaires who would respond in a similar fashion.


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