Berørt dronning fik besked om Mærsks død kort før balkonhyldest

(A Touched Queen Was Told About Mærsk’s Death Shortly Before Her Birthday Appearance on the Balcony)

Published in Politiken today. Some context, since most people wouldn’t have a clue as to what has happened in the navel of the globe. Today A.P. Møller Mc-Kinney Mærsk, the real ‘king’ of Denmark, died at 98. He was responsible for taking a small shipping company and turning it into one of the largest freighter companies in the world, along with oil drilling, supermarket chains and so on. How did he make such a killing? He made a handsome profit indeed during the Second World War selling arms to the Nazis. All for a good cause. And today happens to be Queen Margrethe of Denmark’s birthday; she is 72. Just as she was about to go out on the balcony to greet her adoring subjects on this occasion, she was told of Mr Mærsk’s death. Some editor astutely decided that this was the best photo to line up with the headline. Almost restores your faith in journalists.