A few further traces of the DDR, a country that somehow invites you in a virtual way, since it is still everywhere. For earlier moments, see here, here, here, here, here, here and here

Not quite sure what one might do with a life-size, somewhat soiled replica of a sheep, replete with a real skin …

Nearby is the coal depot:

Unfortunately, this one is finally closing down.

 The man covered in coal dust with a very white smile and eternal cigarette is unsure as to what he’ll do when he’s not breathing coal dust.

Other things are there to stay, such as the Ampelmännchen (invented in the DDR), now throughout Berlin and much of the rest of Germany:

And of course the little man is there to mediate between pedestrians and trabies:

I was so taken with them that I found one of my own to join the collection of other items in my Lenin corner:

All to be found in our little street in East Berlin: