Lenin and the environment

In order to deal with environmental destruction, perhaps we need a firmer approach, apropos comrade Lenin:

In a statement signed by Comrades Belenky, Ivanichev and Gabalin it has been established that by order of the Manager of the Sanatorium, Comrade Vever, a perfectly sound fir-tree was cut down in the sanatorium’s park on June 14, 1920.

For causing damage to Soviet property I order Comrade Vever, Manager of the Sanatorium at the Soviet Gorki Estate, to be placed under arrest for 1 month.

Instruct Comrade Belenky to bring this decision to the notice of Comrade Vever and his assistants, who are to sign that it has been announced to them and that any further similar offence will incur punishment for all workers and office staff, and not the manager alone.I instruct the Uyezd Executive Committee to report to me what date they have fixed for the arrest and how the sentence has been carried out.

V. Ulyanov (Lenin)

Chairman, Council of Labour and Defence


Collected Works, volume 42, pp. 196-7

If a month in prison is appropriate for cutting down a healthy tree – as soviet property – then imagine the appropriate penalty for emptying an oil tanker, or indeed systemic corporate pollution.


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