The last week or so I took the quiet, if mountainous way to Sydney. My only companions were a fire at night and some cold water, plus my bicycle of course.

Not a bad way to wake up on the first morning, after 11 hours sleep:

That’s a view from the Watagan Mountains. Needless to say, the roads were steep …

… winding …

… rocky …

but I had them largely to myself, as also the spots where I camped:

Occasionally a river crossing was needed between the ranges:

But the sun was on my shoulder and I lost track of the days of the week:

In the Wollemi wilderness I passed by Yengo, the eastern equivalent of Uluru:

 I had luxurious bath facilities:

Picked up the odd stray item on the road:

And eventually made it to my destination:

Almost forgot my other companion for the journey:

All in the spirit of Lenin, who loved cycling and the mountains.