It’s becoming a bit of a tradition: the ‘Radicals’ Walk’, during which we walk out to the north breakwater of the harbour, engage in deep political and philosophical discussion, plot world domination … Usually it’s Tim and I, but we may invite the occasional visiting comrade to join us from time to time. At the tail end of a massive storm, I slipped down for a reconnaissance, just to make sure the ‘coast’ was clear. But this is what I found. The small watchtower marks the end of the northern breakwater:

But just when I thought it might be fine for a stroll tomorrow … the first one hit:

And then another:

Matters became a little more ominous:

Even if you are a radical, a little wisdom never goes astray.


5 thoughts on “Stormwatch

  1. The people are the sea and the revolutionary is the fish that swims in it. The revolutionary has fired up the people ready to cleanse the land. I’m sure Mao said something like that. These are tremendous photos. Reminds me of similar strolls I had with Dad on the breakwater he designed at Napier harbour often in the winter with stormy waves, but never in a storm. Fantastic.

    I respect the ocean and the ocean had looked after me. Probably something to do with Tangaroa.

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