A Foucault Groupie?

Foucault als eines intellektuell unredlichen, empirisch absolut unzuverlässigen kryptonormativistischen ‘Rattenfänger’ für die Postmoderne.

Foucault – intellectually dishonest, thoroughly unreliable at an empirical level, a crypto-normative ‘Pied Piper’ of the postmodern.

(Hans-Urlich Wehler, Die Herausforderungen der Kulturgeschichte, Munich 1998, p. 91)


4 thoughts on “A Foucault Groupie?

  1. Of course – he’s completely obsessed. Such eloquence is a demonstration of more than mere infatuation. He probably masturbates over his books – the coming of Foucault.

  2. That wonderful and yet fraudulent use of the word ‘crypto’– I always thought GW Bush was a crypto-intellectual and that Tony Blair possessed crypto-integrity….

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