I have finally managed to make some of my own tofu. The process is relatively straightforward, with about as much complexity as making your own yoghurt. The real challenge was to decipher the instructions I was sent:

Tofu is made?

Ingredients: Soybeans right amount; Gypsum appropriate amount of

1. Head the night soaked soy beans into a paste with stone grinding (However, in order to prevent parents too tired or of machinery).

2. Bucket of slurry inverted pot with open fire.

3. Boil and then pour the pulp into the container underneath the gauze.

4. And then set off the four corners of the gauze grabbed forced to squeeze in one direction, to filter out the pulp.

5. Then forced to squeeze in another direction, so that repeated many times as possible and screw out the most pulp.

6. Filtered sauce and then fire repeatedly boiled.

7. Has become the drink soy milk.

8. Ext Portland plaster pounded to a powder form.

9. Gypsum powder uniform, rushed into the cooked milk slowly.

10. Then close the lid and you can see about 30-60 minutes after the curd-like with a scoop when sung to the following container (tofu dedicated container).

11. Then put a clean stone pressed, about an hour or so open look.

12. Turned into a shining white tofu, ha ha!

Needless to say, this is a valiant effort by that very primitive tool known as google translator (just as well world peace doesn’t depend on google’s ability). All of which has made me realise that the only way to go is to learn Chinese – putonghua as they call, the ‘common speech’ (aka Mandarin). So during that quiet hour over breakfast in the morning, half is given over to studying Russian and the other half to Chinese.