Unpacking my library: Sheffield Hebrew Dictionary, volume 7 – free

So I have a spare copy of volume 7 of the The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew (Sheffield, 2010). It covers tsade to resh. Spin me a good reason why you should have it and it’s yours, free of charge.


32 thoughts on “Unpacking my library: Sheffield Hebrew Dictionary, volume 7 – free

  1. I struggled through two years of Classical Hebrew at University…attending classes that, for some ungodly reason, were held at 8am…and only thing I remember is a furtive patach – I think because I imagined a shifty-eyed accent in a zoro mask – anyway, I think owning volume 7 of a Hebrew Dictionary would be similarly useless.

      1. Indeed!…and I should qualify…even though it would fall in the realm of useless…I’d love to have it…however, fair warning, I live in the Isle of Man.

  2. I see that I may be too late. Nevertheless I shall plead my case. I truly want this volume. Why? An early life encounter with Gottwald–in the flesh–set in place a never consummated engagement with the Hebrew Bible. I was in the room, eagerly waiting with my copy of the Tribes of Yahweh, when the incomprehensible in jokes about Gunkel buffeted my ears. I left the lecture room bewildered without obtaining the sought after inscription on that very hefty tome that I hauled all the way across town on the bus. . . Now the consummation can be achieved—at least poetically. Does not this volume contain an entry for Tzedek?–Justice! (if I am mistaken, forgive me, I am an amateur) Anyway, that is reason enough to possess just this one volume. A single expression of the fire the drove Gottwald to create his classic of Marxist biblical scholarship–with the greatest of dedications ever to grace an academic study. And lastly, may I remind you that Japan is very close to Australia.

    1. Hahaha…that’s a pretty good case you put forward William…though I think 2 yrs of 8am classes trumps a ride on a bus with a heavy book. It is true that Japan is closer than the Isle of Man…so you have me there…and I like the academic romance (if there is such a thing) of your case…which may indeed justify you winning…

  3. As its intended use, if it came to me, would be as an easel wedge…I think, in all fairness, it should go to William…so he can look up the word Tzedek to his heart’s content…I’m happy with that…

  4. I am more than ready to celebrate with timbrels and dancing Rebecca’s gracious concession of the Tzedekian volume, but in deference to her 2 year pursuit of the furtive patach, perhaps….dare I say it….we should bring forth the Urim and Thummim.

    1. Hahaha…how handy would they be…especially on those occasions when you stumble upon divinely inscribed stone tablets…I’m glad the book is going to a good home…and hope you are fortunate enough to collect the remaining volumes.

      1. What about collective custody…the book could function as a kind of template for ideas, pictures etc…and can then be passed on to the next person ad inf…to add what they will…

      1. yeah…6 months sounds perfect to me…is the assumption you mention in your blog somewhere…under what title?…I’ll check it out…

  5. An interesting shattering of the propertarian paradigm–to borrow a fictional neologism form Ursula Le Guin. I’m game. How about others in the world? Chinese friends et al.

  6. Being that the Isle of Man is the axis mundi…I think sailing here is a great idea…let me know when you are docking in the harbour and I’ll put the kettle on and make some scones.
    William, do you think we should create a blog/ web page or something for the book…so we can keep track of it and maybe find other people interested in adding to it?

    1. That is possible. But I am a somewhat of a a techno-dunce as far as organizing blogs and webpages. I can learn though. Roland maintains two blogs while simultaneously attempting to match the literary output of Marx and Engels in the MECW. So maybe I can make a try at one. Is it OK if you do the initial groundwork for the base area?–since I am a babe in woods as of yet with such matters.

      1. I haven’t done one before either…but I just checked out wordpress…and looks pretty straight forward…so I’ll give it a go.

      2. Since the DCH7 is winging its way to me first, I will also have a look at all the non-technical technicalities at WordPress. I am assured by those in the know that it is not all that difficult. I suppose we will have figure out some efficient means of collaboration on the overall artistic theme of the blog. Making the DCH7 “sexy” will be a true challenge.

      3. Sounds good…I was thinking…as well as the book functioning as an artistic/philosophical repository…perhaps it can also be a kind of talking stick…that is, the person that has it keeps the blog…perhaps just like an ordinary blog…sharing stories, photos from their lives…or a little more academic…in the form of ideas or opinions etc…basically whatever they fancy. I think it will make it an interesting blog…given that the author changes every 6 months…while still retaining a common thread…what do you think?

      4. That would be good–the passing of the blog to the next “teller”. If the next steward of the book turns out to be a flake and lets it languish, it would just die a natural death. There could be an overall moderator, but that might get complicated. Still, it is a possibility. A cannon thread–how about the title of the blog to start with–“The Book of Zade Resh”, or maybe “The Book of Zaderesh”. Any other suggestions? Hope Roland does not mind us chatting about this here–his blog.

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