I was recently alerted to this gem from a few years back: Thomas P. Hunt, The Book of Wealth; in which it is Proved from The Bible that it is the Duty of Every Man to Become Rich (New York, 1836). Thankfully, it’s available online. It begins with the foolproof assumption:

One thing is certain; no man can be obedient to God’s will as revealed in the Bible, without, as the general result, becoming rich (p. 6).

From there the venerable Mr Hunt adduces the following six biblical principals of wealth creation:

1. It is the duty of all men to be diligent.

2. Slothfulness is condemned.

3. Idleness is a great sin – ‘a severe reproof to many these days’.

4. Wastefulness is a sin.

5. Prudence is a duty.

6. God has promised riches as a reward.

All of which is summed up in Proverbs 10:4: ‘The soul of the diligent shall be made fat’.

Mind you, these are not just tips for making a killing, but a veritable duty of every devout Christian. Thou shalt be rich.

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