Three new books (shameless self-promotion)

On Friday, the biggie arrived: Criticism of Heaven: The Author’s Cut.

How big? It weighs in at 765 pages – that’s 270 more than the abridged version from 2007:

In other words, the original text, with a shitload of detailed argument, is restored. I’ll soon have information on where this one can be found.

But I thought it should join its mates, two other books also published a couple of months ago:

More than 1300 pages of my verbiage this year alone, but who’s counting?

One more newie to go this year:


7 thoughts on “Three new books (shameless self-promotion)

  1. At risk of asking a somewhat silly or invasive question, and because I really enjoy and respect your work, I’d like to ask you seriously: how do you sustain such a constant and massive output of writing?

    Do you have a particular and rigorous daily routine? Do you require yourself to write a certain amount per day? Do you have a certain pattern through which you approach new projects in terms of planning, outlining, writing, and so forth?

    I ask this question sincerely – it’s really impressive that you can keep such a pace of writing going, and I wonder how you do it.

    1. I still get an absolute thrill when a day lies before me, with nothing to interfere with the pleasure of writing. Most days are like that. I don’t sit for long, since I am up often to do things with my hands and think. I’m old enough to have learned not to find obstructions, personal or professional, to writing – unnecessary things that people expect me to do. I never use an alarm clock, since it always has the association of having to get up to do something for someone else (usually a boss) that I do not want to do. I do not have a diary, since when I have had one in the past, it meant my life was too busy.

      Occasionally, a pea-brained hack attempts some ham-fisted micro-management, trying to ‘normalise’ me at the university. These efforts are spectacularly unsuccessful and the aforesaid hack comes off rather badly.

    1. Oh yes, a beautifully produced book, with high quality paper, exquisite cover and a green sash for a bookmark. If only it could become as authoritative, widely read and studied as the Bible!

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