At our RiPL (Religion in Political Life) reading group today – organised by the incomparable Sean Durbin – we spent part of our time talking about religion, Confucianism and China. We were reminded that in China one cannot be a religious leader – bishop, pastor, reverend, imam, lama etc – in an officially recognised religion without being a member of the communist party.

So it should be throughout the world! All religious professionals should be required to hold a membership card of a communist party.

What would be the consequences if this became global law? For starters, it would swell the ranks of many communist parties doing it tough. Further, it would ensure that Marxism and the ABC of communism became crucial elements of the training for religious professionals. Finally, it would give me a shitload of further research on Marxism, religion and politics.

So maybe, just maybe China provides a glimpse of a promising future in relation to religion and politics.