From transcendence to transgression

A new post on some rather attractive features of transcendence on the Political Theology blog.


7 thoughts on “From transcendence to transgression

  1. Roland, excellent post on Political Theology blog on Transcendence and Trangression. In my Masters Thesis on James Cone and Clement of Alexandria, I was trying to redefine transcendence in terms of practice. Your article makes this a whole lot easier. Thank you.

      1. Clement of Alexandria, yes sir!

        I put both of them in conversation, doing a postcolonial interpretation of good ole Clement. Clement’s place in history is one that is disputed, one “scholar” has him as the “first Christian liberal,” others as one of the defenders of the great sexist complimentarian tradition. I don’t see him that way, he needs to be taken in Roman Egyptian context, and that his criticism of things, for example, the requirements of being a Roman Egyptian citizen (to the exclusion of the Jews) as well as his cases against incest can only be explained if you study the Roman Egyptian era.

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