Yes indeed, it is up and running next week, with participants from China, Taiwan, Scotland, USA, and as far away as Newcastle:

5-6 October 2012

The Lockup, Newcastle


Friday, 5 October

9:30          Welcome: Hugh Craig, Director, Humanities Research Institute

9:30-10:30    Paper Session

Zhang Shuangli: Why Should One be Interested in the Theological Dimension of the Project of Modern Politics? On the Chinese Acceptance of Carl Schmitt’s Political Theology

Chin Kenpa:   Y. T. Wu on Christian Materialism

10:30-11:00   Break

11:00-12.30   Paper Session

Matthew Chrulew: Pastoral Counter-Conducts: Religious Radicalism in Foucault’s Genealogy of Christianity

Tamara Prosic: Between Support for the State and its Betrayal: The Contradictions of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Concept of Symphonia

Marion Maddox: Four Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Australian Christian Lobby: A Case Study of Rightwing Mobilisation

12:30-13:30   Lunch

13:30-15:00   Paper Session

Mehmet Ozalp: Islamic Theology and Treason: Trials of Said Nursi in Secular Turkey and the Nature of Nursi’s Islamic Revivalism

Sean Durbin:  Mediating the Past Through the Present and the Present Through Past: The Symbiotic Relationship of Christian Zionism’s Alien Enemies and Internal Heretics

Remy Low:    Merely Different, or, Why the Rise of Religious Schooling in Australia is not Radical

15:00-15:30   Break

15:30-17:00   Paper Session

Mark Manolopoulos: A Most Treasonous Faith: Radical Faith, Radical Politics, Radical Reason

Philip Chia:    Treason Against Thy Kingdom, Lord! Between “Justice on Earth” and “Justification by Faith”

Chris Hartney: Theology and Treason: Three Causes célèbres and the Emergent State in Post-Enlightenment Europe

18:30         Conference Dinner at the Grand Hotel

Saturday, 6 October

9:00-10:00    Paper Session

Geng Youzhuang: Terry Eagleton and Religion

Ward Blanton: Being Post-Political: Nicolas Sarkozy’s Tarnac 9, the Invisible Committee, and the Return of Paul the Apostle

10:00-10:30   Break

10:30-12:00   Paper Session

Matthew Sharpe: Challenging ‘Secular Theological’ Accounts of Modernity: The Case of the Scientific Revolution

Geoff Boucher: Theology, Treason and the Novel: Reading Doctorow’s Book of Daniel

Holly Randall-Moon: The Secular Contract: The British Monarchy and White Diasporic Sovereignty

12:00-13:00   Lunch

13:00-14:00   Paper Session

Karl Hand:    Come Now, Let us Treason Together: Conversion and Revolutionary Consciousness in Luke 22:35-38 and The Hunger Games Trilogy

Randall Read: Emerging Treason

14:00-14:30   Break

14:30-15:30   Paper Session

Alan Cadwallader: Canonizing Treason and Complicity: The Parable of the Mustard Seed

Roland Boer:  A Lost Manuscript: Anatoly Lunacharsky’s Religion and Socialism

15:30-16:00        Close