In search of Margaret Cool Root

Now that is a name to die for, especially if you live in Australia or New Zealand: Margaret Cool Root.  The catch is that she may either be a respected archaeologist or a director of that Hollywood blockbuster, Vampire Bikini Babes. I must admit, I admire the creativity of her parents.


2 thoughts on “In search of Margaret Cool Root

  1. So Roland, how are your researches into all things Achaemenid going? You seem, from your posts, to be hitting all the right material.

    1. Thoroughly enjoying it, all the way from animal bones, through rhythmanalysis, to responsive metaphorisation in texts. But the Achaemenid is really the end of the story, so I scan back a couple of years, to roughly 7000 BCE, although the focus is from late Bronze onwards.

      On related matters, it does make one wonder at the names of the other kids: Simon Sweaty, Hilary Hot, Larry Lukewarm …

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