Despite my policy of avoiding posts about the University of Newcastle on this blog, and even though I do my best not to advertise higher degree research in this place, for some reason we seem have gathered a rather scintillating number of students – from China, Russia, Iran, South Africa, and even Australia. Their research topics all deal in one way or another with religion and politics, often of a distinctly leftward bent:

Joel Kelsey:

Zionism with a Human Face?: Humanitarian Ethics and Being-for-the-other in an Israeli Human Rights Movement

Sergey Kozin:

Religion of Labour, Democracy, and Satan: The Socialist Gospel according to Anatoly Lunacharsky

Yazhi Li:

The Role of Religious Criticism in Marx’s Theory

Niall McKay:

Liberation Hermeneutics: An Intertextual Analysis of the Interpretation of the Gospel of Mark in Liberation Movements

Amir Rezapourmoghadammiyandabi

Political Myth: Tabari’s Narration of the Foundation of Society in the History

Fiona (Fang) Yuan:

Marx’s Critique of Modernity: Labour and Religion