Apart from the four constituent items of Berlin life – moustaches, a beer in hand while walking down the street, dogs on trains and in shops, and the omnipresent cigarette (Germany would have to have the highest number of smokers, apart perhaps from Bulgaria) – a number of other items have caught my eye.

Toilets are few and far between, which explains the frequent yellow patches in the snow – which has been falling for over a week. So when a public toilet turns up, it is a rather glorious affair. A cause for celebration:

IMG_9263 (2)a

IMG_9260 (2)a

Of course, you have to pay for the damn thing.

And then, up north while visiting the Wulfshagenerhütten Basisgemeinde, a Christian communist community (thanks Anthony), I came across some stunning ice trees:

IMG_9286 (2)a

IMG_9290 (2)a

Not the warmest place if you happen to be a bird.

Penultimately, just around the corner and up the Karl-Marx Allee is an old friend:

IMG_9313 (2)a

Although he still has to contend with Friedrich’s cigar smoke:

IMG_9306 (2)a

But I am sure Friedrich, the great connoisseur of beers, would have found the following useful:

IMG_9320 (2)a