Stalin: Bankers’ Hunter

Trust Hollywood in its chronic unoriginality to borrow yet another idea. The nauseous ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter‘ relies upon the much better ‘Stalin: Bankers’ Hunter’.

Stalin - Bankers Hunter a

(ht sk)


5 thoughts on “Stalin: Bankers’ Hunter

  1. Reblogged this on Hello.Lenin! and commented:
    ” Imperialism is the omnipotence of the monopolist trusts and syndicates, of the banks and the financial oligarchy, in the industrial countries. In the fight against this omnipotence, the customary methods of the working class — trade unions and co-operatives, parliamentary parties and the parliamentary struggle — have proved to be totally inadequate. Either place yourself at the mercy of capital, eke out a wretched existence as of old and sink lower and lower, or adopt a new weapon — this is the alternative imperialism puts before the vast masses of the proletariat. Imperialism brings the working class to revolution.” Josef Stalin

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