Two somewhat unrelated websites have caught my attention recently. The first is Wu Ming (nobody), which was once Luther Blissett, an Italian collective responsible for the great novel, Q (download here). It tells the story of a radical who joins Thomas Müntzer and the Peasants, then the Münster Rebellion, and so on. A thorough and unexpected revival of revolutionary Christian movements, providing slogans and inspiration for the anti-capitalist movement today.

Marx in your face (Wu Ming)


The second is The Leaky Boob. OK, I know some of this stuff is a bit too wholesome, so much so it gets a little cringe-worthy, but deep down I’ve always been in favour of a good breast-feed. I believe I enjoyed it when I was a snowy blond baby (thanks mum), and I reckon all four of my kinds enjoyed it (a few years back now). And I get a good vibe when a mother undoes one side of her nursing bra and lets a bub slurp away – makes the whole situation feel much more relaxed … or is that a sign that the situation is relaxed? So let’em suckle, anywhere, everywhere, anytime.

Come to think of it, I’ve actually sampled some breast-milk in my adult years – expressed and in a glass of course. ‘Twas rather rich. And I remember a morning many years ago when I was woken by a kitten trying – in vain – to get some sustenance from my nipple.



(ht bn)