Prepare ye for … opa Roland

Yes indeed, I will be a grandfather, a little after the half-year mark. I must admit I have been looking forward to at least two things about grandkids.

First, I get to enact my longstanding wish to be addressed as ‘opa’ – in good dutch tradition.

Second, when people ask me in various parts of the world, ‘do you have children’? I can now reply, ‘yes, and grandchildren!’


5 thoughts on “Prepare ye for … opa Roland

  1. Oh fine – seek solace in bourgeoisie family roles in your old age, Roland. But I warn you: it’s a slippery slope to Menshevik abstentionism and social democrat membership. Soon enough you will be reading Karl Barth, advocating “peaceful revolution” in the Scandanavian mode, and speaking of the belastering of you once being a communist to the kleinkinderen on your knees.

    I can just see it, man. I can just see it.

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