Found: Stalin’s ear and moustache (part thereof)

One of the few truly interesting and intriguing parts of Berlin is the Stalinbauten, or Stalin Baroque, along Karl Marx Allee (on which I have commented more than once). Central to that appeal is the way communist history can’t be erased so easily. Or should I say, Stalin’s place in that history? You see, what is now Karl Marx Allee used to be Stalin Allee.

Stalin Allee sign

And at a significant spot there was a statue of the man who won The Second World War:

Stalin statue on Stalin Allee

But after Khrushchev’s deft moves to secure the succession on his terms, Stalin was unceremoniously debunked. It took some years, but eventually, dragging their feet, the government of the DDR thought they should probably do the right thing and pull the statue down. While they were at it, they renamed the street Karl Marx Allee.

If only they had realised how important Stalin would become once again, they would have left the statue rooted to the spot. Plus, it would have been a fantastic attraction, making Berlin actually worth a visit on its own merit.

However, he is not completely gone (there’s an allegory in there somewhere). Some of Stalin has actually been left behind:

Stalin's ears 02 (Berlin)

The item on the left is clearly an ear; on the right it is arguably part of the famous moustache. Given that they are still on the Allee, I can’t help wondering if it’s possible to clone statues.

(ht cp for doing the sleuthing on this one)


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