Quote and picture of the day: Plato and Marx

On that dreadfully reactionary eastern European thinker, Lunacharsky notes perceptively:

Platonism was an aberration of the life instinct (Religion and Socialism, vol 1, p. 219)

By contrast, Marxism is an affirmation:

From the grave


5 thoughts on “Quote and picture of the day: Plato and Marx

  1. But the Symposium is quite beautiful (though not in the latest translation which replaces lover by boyfriend). This is because Aristophanes, Alcibiades, and Diotoma add enough enjoyment, fun, and erotica that it relieves boring old Socrates. Only Aristocrats need to cling to unchanging forms. No realistic proletarian could agree with the ending of Chaucer’s Troilus.

    1. A Chinese translation is underway, and an English one should eventuate over the next three years, made from the completely updated version (in terms of Cyrillic script) by Sergey Kozin. A Russian reprint is on the cards too.

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