Critical Research on Religion first issue now out

The new journal, Critical Research on Religion, has launched its inaugural issue. The publisher, Sage, has made the issue free until the end of the year: register here.


Table of Contents:

April 2013; 1 (1)


by Warren S. Goldstein, Roland Boer, and Jonathan Boyarin

Marxism and Religion

by Kenneth Surin

The gods of institutional life: Weber’s value spheres and the practice of polytheism

by Roger Friedland

Psychoanalysis, religious experience, and the study of religion: Not “religious studies”

by Marsha Aileen Hewitt

The critical theory of religion: From having to being

by Rudolf J. Siebert, Michael R. Ott, and Dustin J. Byrd

Critical feminist studies in religion

by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

Queer Studies and Religion

by Kent L. Brintnall

North American sociology of religion: Critique and prospects

by Rhys H. Williams and Thomas J. Josephsohn

Religion and cultural theory

by Randall Styers

Race and religion: Contribution to symposium on critical approaches to the study of religion

by Vincent Lloyd

Colonialism and Religion

by David Chidester

Critical approaches to religion in China

by Michael Puett

Religion and post-communism: A chronicle of absurdity

by Milena Kirova

Prosper, consume and be saved

by Marion Maddox


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