Lenin’s dream

Our grandchildren will examine the documents and other relics of the epoch of the capitalist system with amazement. It will be difficult for them to picture to themselves how the trade in articles of primary necessity could remain in private hands, how factories could belong to individuals, how some people could exploit others, how it was possible for those who did not work to exist

Lenin ‘Three Speeches Delivered in Red Square, May Day, 1919’ CW 29, 330 // Три речи на Красной площади 1 мая 1919 г. Хроникерские записи. LPSS 38, 325

(The index of Lenin, Religion, and Theology draws closer to completion)


6 thoughts on “Lenin’s dream

  1. While the sentiment is good, if not a little Romantic, does the Word of God not require us to stone the false prophet (Deut. 18:22)?

    With the benefit of hindsight, Bakunin’s prediction – that any statist socialism would end up returning to capitalism in a few generations – looks pretty inspired, doesn’t it?

    1. Good ol’ Bakunin, the impractical and doctrinaire atheist. He speaks from his grave with the benefit of never having won a revolution and never having to undertake the extraordinarily difficult task of constructing anything.

      1. But today we should turn this typical but misleading Bolshevik criticism around. Bakunin was the pragmatist and opportunist, while Lenin was the Romantic idealist. Lenin idealised the prospects of a dictatorship over the proletariat (idealising it as a “dictatorship of the proletariat”) and only fantasised that 1917 was a socialist revolution. But Bakunin realistically and pragmatically concluded that a revolution with such aims would never overcome the Real of class power structures.

      2. Historical Materialism is not built on ifs, Comrade, but on the inevitable progression of history towards its communist telos.

        Nice new journal you’ve got there, by the way. I will submit an article in the area of queer theology later this year.

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