Journey to the West: the film

Alongside reading a 2000 page novel, you can now see the film:

Journey to the West: The Conquest of the Demons (2013): In this exciting adventure comedy viewers will see a very strange monk, Xuanzang (with an unusual name). It follows a journey along the Silk Road to India, in order to find the Buddhist scriptures. He travels not alone, and is in fact is not the main character. This monk, fortunately or unfortunately, has a passive and wimpish role. The film is more about a secondary monk, who is the Monkey King, Sun Wukong. Other strange creatures accompany the monk. Even more, the monk is the companion of another monk and a white horse-dragon. Do not miss this exciting movie and its adventure heroes. Director: Stephen Chow. Cast: Huang Bo, Zhang Wen, Shu Qi, Shou Luo, Chrissie Chau, Chi Chi Ling Ming Hung Fung, Yu Hin. Country:China. Duration: 109 min.



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