New Stalin statue erected in Russia

More for my study called Saint Joseph: The Man of Steel and Religion:

In the city of Yakutsk, a sub-arctic city, major port on the Lena River, and capital of the Sakha Republic in Russia, a new statue of Stalin has been unveiled. Despite opposition from those dreadful anti-Stalinists, the local and very popular branch of the Communist Party prevailed:

Yakutsk statue 01

Yakutsk statue 04

The groupies were out in force:

Yakutsk statue 06

As were three of the coolest pairs of sunglasses I have ever seen:

Yakutsk statue 12

Along with some rousing speeches:

Yakutsk statue 10

And decorated war veterans:

Yakutsk statue 16

Go comrade Joe!

Yakutsk statue 15

(ht sk)


8 thoughts on “New Stalin statue erected in Russia

  1. In remembrance of the glorious spirit of ’37, St. Joseph’s own words:

    “So, in my youth I wrote poetry.

    Then, seeking adventure, I turned to crime.

    Finally, I became a revolutionary, because that alone united poetry and crime.

    That’s the dialectic of my life. The rest is just detail.”

    – Joseph Stalin, The Autobiography of Joseph Stalin, p. 8

    1. In true revolutionary spirit, Stalin was in charge of the ‘expropriations’ that helped fund the Bolshies. He famously pulled off a heist at the Tiflis treasury. The catch was the banknotes were so large, the party was unable to change them anywhere in Europe. Success can sometimes be too good.

  2. these pictures are great but I would really like to read the story. I would like to hear what this meant to these people and what their experience and history was.

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