That is no spelling error, for ‘extraordinariation’ is one of the many stunning insights from some unsolicited books I received today. They are by one David Birnbaum, whom one must admire infinitely for giving his life to self-publishing a string of works. I have before me books one and two of Summa Metaphysica (the website will take you everywhere). A sample: the chapter on angels:

The guardian angel of snow-flakes

The guardian angel of cumulus nimbus clouds

The guardian angel of bubbles

The guardian angel of snowstorms on school days

And so on.


Timing, Timing, Timing

Location, Location, Location

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Focus, Focus, Focus


Life would appear to be both –

an end in and of itself of QP4

as well as

– a portal to greater QP4

These rich and fruitful themes need to be developed

You get the picture, but if you wish to explore more, check out Birnbaum’s own press, Harvard matrix (which adds ‘independent of Harvard University’), or indeed the thoroughly enthralling ‘Cosmic Womb of Potential Paradigm‘.

I’m in awe.