How to become a political leader (again)

For those not in the know concerning the intricacies of Australian politics, Kevin Rudd is once again prime minister. He was axed three years ago for Julia Gillard, and now she has been axed for Kev from Queensland. I am not usually one to comment on Australian politics, since I don’t have much time for bourgeois democracy. But the latest events indicate what it takes to be a political leader.

1. You must be an egomaniac, a megalomaniac, arrogant, ruthless, and have an unhealthily high opinion of yourself.

2. You must project an image to the public of humility and warmth, preferably with an immovable smile.

3. You must execute any potential challengers to the position. The worth thing to do is allow them to hang about.

4. You must not be a woman. If fact, bourgeois democracy is geared to exclude women from power.


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